HORRORS EXPLOSION: Stream the new album, watch the video for “Still Life”

193 skyingbg

Binges are fun, aren’t they? Whether your ultimate goal is massive weight gain, potential alcoholism or even the crushing numbness that a life addicted to heroin can bring, we all adore sitting down with a large amount of our selected poison and endless repeats of Top Gear. But hey, kid, put down that needle of chips and set aside that glass of cocaine for a minute and prepare yourself for an inordinate amount of British post-punk, shoe gazing hair fanatics The Horrors. Up top (that’s above these words, dummy) there’s the official video for lead single and professional “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” impressionist “Still Life” while down below, you know, down there where it really counts, we have a widget for streaming their entire, superb 3rd album “Skying“.

What? You’re waiting for me to tell you to go get it? Pssht.


  • MarilynRoxie

    I’ve heard and quite enjoyed ‘Still Life’ (especially “Dive In”, a contender for favorite Horrors song despite my overall love of ‘Primary Colours’ over this new one), didn’t see the video for the title track until just now…perfect for it. Going to see the Horrors for the first time in SF in September!