STREAM: Jamie XX’s Far Nearer/Beat For single


Far Nearer

At this point I’ve written two posts about Far Nearer, with it’s rousing chorus of “a feel bella bwella, you feel bella bwella a, HA feel bella bwella haaaappy railway!” and silky smooth steel drum backing, which would make this one (the one you’re reading right now, with your eyes) the third. So it’s no great overstatement to say that more than enough words have been shed at it’s expense, which is why I’ve also seen fit to upload my the B-side to that particular single, the superior and beautiful “Beat for” which comes off like the bastard love child of “I’ll Take Care Of You” and some sort of mutant club classic. Both of them can be purchased on ~~SUPA LIMITED EDICHUN VEENUL~~ over at this link here.

Beat For