STREAM: Mazzy Star’s comeback ‘Common Burn’/’Lay Myself Down’ 7″


Mazzy Star – Common Burn  Mazzy Star – Lay Myself Down

Try telling me you don’t like Mazzy Star, I dare you. No seriously, just for a second try uttering the words “So Tonight That I Might See wasn’t a very good album”. The words will fall apart in your mouth, tumbling from your surprised speaking flap with the kind of coherence of a toddler with chocolate cake in its mouth. She’s been away though, doing things like collaborating with anyone who looks at her twice and forming the sort of not great Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions, thankfully though she’s back on the scene, ready to drive her folky melancholy right into your skull. ‘Common Burn’ and ‘Lay Myself Down’ are the first new material we’ve had in 15 whole years and feel like close sisters of STTIMS, yes, that’s right reverb fans, it’s back! With style this time. She’s even gone and got got self a new harmonica for the occasion. I’ll be a little hurt if you begrudge her opportunity to play it for you, just saying.

Oh, and there’s an album coming next year too, prepare your tear ducts.