Review: Where The Wild Things Are – Karen O And The Kids

Where The Wild Things Are – Karen O And The Kids

Alright, so it isn’t technically an album in the sense that it wont stand on it’s own like a regular album would, due to its half song-half instrumental soundtracky stuff. Sorry about that, but chances are most people will be seeing the film in cinemas fairly sharpish anyway so chances are unless you’re deaf (Apologies) you’ll be absorbing this soundtrack into your mind like a sponge in a bath full of lovely mostly acoustic water and in preparation for this i thought I’d oil that ole hype machine and tell you that it is absolutely stunning. From the Arcade Fire-esk “Rumpus” to the gorgeous “Hidaway” and closing with the perfectly suited “Sailing Home” it is fantastically put together. It’s one of those truly great soundtracks that if it were to be released on its own, or simply as a concept album to accompany the re-release of the book, nobody would dream of batting an eyelash.

If this doesn’t win the oscar for best soundtrack I’ll eat my proverbial hat, and that’s a proverbial fact.