Review: The Big Pink

Upon first glance TBP seem to pander to an ever growing scene of stereotypes, which up until now hasn’t failed to breed and create anything but commercial and critical success. All black attire? Check. Stern serious facial expressions? Check. Reverby, anthemic sing along noise pop? Check. Forcing homosexual tendencies into your promotional shots and single sleeves?….uh check?

But despite the wealth of clichés surrounding TBP, it’s clear to see that they haven’t done White Lies and carved an easy way into the public eye. ABHOL sees The Big Pink transfer the now mandatory hype surrounding them into an album wrought with the ”grab a stranger and shout along” anthems seen in Glasvegas’ self titled debut (Dominoes, Velvet), the grungy alt rock guitars of 90’s Sonic Youth, and bursting its way through the wall of distortion and reverb, the ever present concrete industrial beats used throughout the album (You know just so you have something to dance to as you scream your lungs into a frenzy in the euphoria…).

The album opens with”Crystal Visions” a slick slow burner, twinkling with an orchestral falsetto, fizzing in a sea of synths and distant vocals. Then the guitars. Instantly the whole affair is daintily heavy under the weight of all the noise and distortion, but of course in the best way possible. This is where the real maturity of TBP can be seen, they know when to be quiet and they know when to be loud, sometimes inexplicably achieving both at the same time.

Latest single Dominoes is probably the most accessible song on the album, instantly identifiable as TBP’s anthem and already a live favourite, it’s impossible to not have the urge to sing along with Furze as he takes you into a tale of fallen love and its consequences.

The album encapsulates the soaring sounds capes of the band live, which in itself is somewhat of an achievement (Although with Cordell owning the record label Merok it’s to be expected). Go see them before they become massive.

It may be a cliché in itself but if anything can be learnt from The Big Pink, it’s to not judge a book by its cover.