Review: Muse – The Resistance

There is going to be a review here for Muse’s latest album, but first, a quiz.

Is there anything at all on The Resistance that;

A) Doesn’t sound like Queen?

B) Doesn’t sound like the Doctor Who theme tune?

C) Doesn’t sound like something they’ve done before, only worse?

Or D) Doesn’t refer to itself as a “Symphony”?

The answer to all of these is no. No there isn’t. Each one of these element’s come into play, in an increasingly horrific style.

Muse have successfully taken their tongue in cheek ultra over the top song writing and somehow made themselves believe their own steaming pile of bullshit. Every song on the album smacks of “Look how good we are! And while we’re at it, we aren’t a Radiohead tribute band anymore. This shit is a masterpiece”, and I’d like to say that underneath all that there’s some potentially good songs but that would be a lie, its devoid of imagination, emotion and sometimes even coherence. It’s an album that should never have been made, or even released. In fact, they should have released it but hired somebody who can go “Stop, stop right there. This is fucking awful. Shouting EURA! SIA! SIA! SIA! Is never going to be a good idea guys. Seriously. Scrap that shit” and maybe it would have been passable. Still I’m sure their many loyal fans will call it a masterpiece and genius so there you go