Review: The Temper Trap – Conditions

The Temper Trap: Conditions

Soundtracking channel 4’s squeaky clean festival fun advert for coverage on this years V festival with there latest single ”Sweet Disposition”, and managing to appear like the next in the long line of U2/Coldplay stadium botherers your dad would find on a ”Q epic anthems!” compilation, it’s hard to imagine what credibility The Temper Trap could claw from anyone under the age of 40. Well stangely enough the answer is bucketloads, as despite what appears on the surface there is alot more to TTT than meets the eye.

Low fi, vintage organ, and hand claps open the album, ”Love Lost” luls the listener into a false sense of twee and charm. Then a snippet of vocal from lead singer Dougy Mandagi, his passionate soulful tones teasing emotion from the music, building, pulsating until finally the release. The jangly guitar, the reverb laden under currents, the copious amount of cymbals, it’s the perfect formula for a ”hands in the air moment”, something this album isn’t short of.

That some might say, is The Temper Trap’s main flaw. There is very little on ”Conditions” that hasn’t been done time and time before, it’s all very formulaic. Personally I feel this is one of TTT’s many draws, surely in an age obsessed with innovation and reinvention, it makes for a refreshing change of pace to actually be able to pick up an album and immediatley enjoy it without having to scrutinize or analyse.

Latest single ”Sweet Dispostion” is instantly recognisable as TTT’s anthem, (possibly due to its blanket coverage over here in the UK). Minimalist, delay guitar loops, building upon itself as its shimmering, twinkling counterpart escalates the peice skyward, the only thing keeping it from floating away into swooney waters the concentrated bass and rumbling drums. Then comes the familiar moment. Estatic euphoria, the band let loose once again, the dancey hi hat orientated drum, the sing along vocals, the sky scraper tall guitar, it all adds up perfectly.

See them live before they inevitably become massive, just be prepared for a sore throat and aching arms for about a week later