TANDEM REVIEWS: Salem and Gallops

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If you’re anything like me, then a quick venture into the world of ”Witch House” should send you into a seizure of equal parts bafflement and inconsolable rage. Thankfully such a scene fizzled into existence, as without it we wouldn’t have masters of bedroom produced synth fuzz, Salem and this their debut ”King Knight”. ”KK” is everything the trio’s early output promised and more, effortlessy combining their trademark ghostly synth wash and hip hop vocals/drum tracks into something equal parts coherent and disorientating (think of an almighty collaboration between The Big Pink, Crystal Castles and Lil Wayne, yeah seriously…) Despite its 11 tracks beginning to melt into 1 after a continuous listen, there’s still enough originality and innovation here to warrant purchasing (or listening by what other means…)
Download:King Night” ”Tair” ”Killer

Anyone else yearning for more of the furiously paranoid Antidotes era riffage of Foals? Well don’t go pestering the Oxford lot for more, (they’ve moved on to more reverb heavy pastures…), instead delve into this debut EP from Welsh ”Battles”-alikes Gallops. Yannis fanatics should be smitten with the sound ravaged out, particularly on closing track ‘Miami Spider’s halfway turning point, from synth pounding angry riffage, to what could be a top quality Foals track that should have made it to ‘Antidotes’. Sonderhof is, well, a GALLOPing (sorry) tumbling thump of a track, utilising 8-bit (cough Crystal Castles) synths, and grated guitar noodling, culminating in something that references others, but is somehow still their own. Moments such as the pun-tastically named ”Oh, The Manatee” make up for what’s lost in math rock intricacy, with singular unified riffage, confusingly in this instance it sounds a little too much like some sort of robot sea shanty (a good or bad thing depending on your opinion on cyber pirates…). So not entirely original, but when something sounds this aggressively, ear pummelingly dense, does it matter? (Answer: No.)
Download:All of it you fer christs sake, its an EP not a double album!

Joe Thresh