Review: Comanechi – Crime Of Love

Girl/boy, boy/girl group Comanechi are part of Merok’s collection of mostly excellent bands (Of which a run down of a few of them can be found here). On this, their debut album the duo reveal they like to make noise, lots and lots of noise.

Punk can dress itself up in many forms, it could come prancing at you like a school girl or, in the case of Comanchi it smacks you in the face with song titles like “My Pussy”, “R.O.M.P (Revenge of my pussy)” and “Lunatic”. Hardcore, guys. But no, really. From the 30 seconds in the aptly titled “Prolouge” which sound somewhat like a Misfits doing a low budget Frankenstein adaptation you given the sudden awareness that there is no subtlety, no hidden layers and not much room for interpretation, and that’s refreshing. “Rabbit Love” creates a template for things to come, pounding drums and riff heavy punk throwing itself against walls in fits of anger. “Crime Of Love” throws in a chorus amongst some largely unintelligible lyrics from the wee lass. “Death Of You” seems a little disposable amongst follow up “On n On” which -while indication the possible future of Comanchi- provides us with some of the best material on the album, crunching guitars are allowed to switch in and out of reverb without the pressure in the rest of the album, sweet yet deadly. Leading on into “Close enough to kiss” marks a turning point in the album, things get heavy. From the opening riff in “Mesmerising Figure” its clearly the duo share more in common with metal than punk. A theme that seems to recur throughout the rest fo the album, much like their clear and sometimes too blatant sexually driven lyrics, still to ask for subtlety in a punk bent album is maybe a little too much.

Ah “My Pussy”, you swagger in there with your rock steady riffage (Oh yeah, I made that up) and lyrics tantamount to Akiko actually shoving your face down there and then giving you a guided tour of it, and its history (Until you find out its actually about her cat being kidnapped…). Underneath the enjoyable novelty of the subject matter we are left with a reasonably average song, so thank heavens for “Naked” which wins on all the levels that the best songs on the album do, it doesn’t throw pop music completely out of the window, it just boots it against a wall and tells it make some noise. “Why?” screams, “Lunatic” offers a subtle nod back to the start of the album and then, we’re left with “R.O.M.P (Revenge Of My Pussy)” an enjoyably noisy trashy noise happening that drags the album, kicking and screaming, to its conclusion.

An album like this, much like every other album, will come down to personal taste. If you like punk, pick this up. If you don’t then it might be a little impenetrable. The lyrics are often too try-hard and will sometimes fall into the various cliche’s of punk rock but this is to be expected. Its an enjoyable album with bags of potential and hints of greatness and on that merit -as well as having a good time along the way- its easy for me to recommend you give this a listen, but if you find yourself on the side of the fence where you don’t feel like you’d be interested then you wont be. It wont convince anyone that they listen to the wrong music but for fans of its style it’s a great choice.

For fans of punk 8/10

For everyone else 6/10