Review: Animal Collective – Fall Be Kind EP

Animal Collective are riding on a¬† high, following their incredibly loved 2009 album “Merriweather Post Pavilion” that has seen them shoot out of the blogosphere and into the “This is sorta an indie classic, maybe” realm. They just cant rest on their laurels can they? “Fall Be Kind” is the band’s newest EP (A series of songs not used on the aforementioned album), and you should listen to it.

Opening with carnival psychedelia “Graze” with its slow building synth and violin, building and swelling whilst Avery Tare (In an extremely audible mood, mind you) sings gracefully over a sea of peaceful noise, accompanied by piano before dropping off the edge of a cliff and finding a drum beat amongst static. Carnival flute ensues and the song finds its drive, in the most beautiful surreal way. Leading into “What do I Want? Sky” a woozy number with synthesized vocals doing backflips in the corner and crashin cymballs infront of you which all feels like the clouds rolling away on a summers day as the song settles on a tempo, it is beautifully mixed, with not a single vocal track or ping missed amongst the many layers all going on at once. It is a genuine pleasure to listen to, as with most songs on the EP if you previously found their music impenetrable, even dull, then you’ll find yourself warming to their ways quickly in this EP.

“Bleed” clocks in as the shortest song on the EP at 3:29, its the sound of your feelings as you hit the bed after a long night out, slumping down and finding comfort amongst that weird smell you’ve been carrying around with you for the last 3 hours that no longer bothers you. Wrapping you in waves of beauty, it’s a stunning midpoint. “On A Highway” somehow doesn’t feel like it should be, dont get me wrong, its a good song but in company like this, it really should have been a song you want to come back to, rather than listen to because its there.

Finally we have “I Think I Can”, starting out with the sound of the bird enclosure at your favourite zoo, before throwing down beach boy’s on acid vocals and tribal drumming, it really does prove that AC are the current masters of musical perspective, each sound separated and held just as precious as the last, treat with dignity and never used for decoration purposes. For a bunch of cast off’s from “Merriweather Post Pavilion” its an amazing collection. It makes you wonder how strict their song choosing must be, and how good could they get?