Review: Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – Summer Of Fear

I love Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (Who shall henceforth be known as MBAR), seriously. Hes debut album was beautiful, ramshackle, folksy and full of glorious sun through the clouds moments that come very rarely and only with great albums. So the problem for Mbar is, where do you go? Another collection of loose songs? Nah, don’t wanna be a one trick pony. Muse style over the top queen rip off? Nah, too horrific. So go to the middle ground, tighten up the songs, add a little orchestration and make it sound all professional like. And that, is the problem.

See, I’d much rather hate an album than find it average. And that’s what this album is, average. During the process its lost its charm, that certain something that made his debut so electric, so loose and so spine tinglingly brilliant. Do yourselves a favour and go out and buy his self titled debut, it’s worth it if you want some beautiful, real and honest music this year. Available at all good record stores. Some album’s are amazing, and some are piss poor, I’d rather listen to either of those than this one again.

5/10, 50/100, 500/1000 (Perfectly average)