Review: Jamie T- Kings & Queens

I’m painfully aware that so far I’ve only given one bad review. To be fair, it isn’t that bad, I just sound like an overtly optimistic person with a sunny outlook but I’ve been listening to some good albums/watching some good films of late and I’m increasingly sorry for the one sided reviews.

In light of this realisation, I’m currently listening to Jamie T’s new album “Kings & Queens” and… It’s really good, secretly, I fancied writing an angry review about how he’s gone downhill since that Mercury Nominated debut, and how the games up for him and that I’m sick of his ways, but I can’t.

It goes from unbelievably fun and silly (See Chaka Demus) to slow burners (Emily’s heart) and all the way keeps up an irresistible pace. Jamie T has managed to get the balance just right and no “Fire Fire” in sight, thankfully. His trademark mix of hip-hop, ska, punk and folk don’t just lie beside each other from song to song but they throw themselves willingly together and gel amazingly. It does have the tiniest dip towards the back end (British Intelligence, I’m looking squarely at you) and sometimes the sound quality takes a bizarre dip and you’re never quite sure if it’s intentional. But despite all this Jamie T has made a great second album, if not pushing his own boundaries massively far. Buy it; listen to it, its deserved