Review: Brand New – Daisy

If my nightmares could possibly have a soundtrack then ‘Daisy’ would be on repeat for the rest of my life. It’s not that I don’t like this album, I just think it’d be great for a horror movie soundtrack. The opening song and final song both sample a hymn called ‘On Life’s Highway’ which throws you off guard for the first track, ‘Vices’, which leaps at you and tears you limb from limb.

‘Bed’ features the weirdest lyrics on this album, very reminiscent of Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana whilst, the first single ‘At the Bottom’ could easily be mistaken for an old modest mouse B-side. The album comes to an abrupt stop when ‘You Stole’ is on, the ballad of this album which gradually builds up over time into a distorted fuzz.

After ‘You Stole’, you’re left wanting more, ‘Be Gone’ does not satisfy this need at all, there is a weird delay effect on Jesse Lacey’s voice which some fans consider disappointing. Of course after this one song, the album just gets better and better, beginning on ‘Sink’ which features Jesse Lacey alternating between his new country voice and just pure shouting, the bridge is perhaps the best part of this song.

‘Bought a Bride’ and ‘In a Jar’ feature a lot more noticable bass parts which could have easily been taken from Nirvana’s around the time ‘Incesticide’ was released. ‘Bought a Bride’ features my favourite lyrics ‘She was feeling lonely, tired of her hive Rented out a family, and he bought a bride’.

The closing song ‘Noro’ isn’t a disappointment, in fact it’s a brilliant song, but when compared to other closing songs by Brand New like ‘Play Crack the Sky’ and ‘Handcuffs’, I would consider it a disappointment.


George Gadd