Review: Girls – Album

Girls – “Album”

The problem with girls isn’t the music, its not the way they look, or even the album. Its the timing of it all, now had this been released at the start of the summer it would be sound tracking every body’s sun drenched afternoons. But as it is, I can look out of a window and see grey skies and yellowing leaf’s. Yes the summers over. But that shouldn’t stop you listening to this, in fact. You might look at is as a plus side, imagine yourself on your back in a field staring up at the single cloud tumbling across the skies and the nostalgia smacks you in the face, this is. As Joe said in a post that should be directly below this is “dirty mouthed, 90’s jangle pop at its best”.

Opening with “Lust for life” (Again, see below) and falling into “Laura” with beautiful ease it strikes you as confident, but not overly so. More like the sound of a band at ease and unlabored by the inevitable buzz that has surrounded them and by the second track you need worry no more. They deserve it. “Big Bad Mean Mother Fucker” lets Girls take a turn for beach boy’s if they got hold of a distortion peddle and a drummer with some serious balls. “Hellhole retrace” is an acoustic number that flows with such simplicity, combining the sound of Santa’s bells and distant harmonics it is the albums turn at a gorgeous love song until the wave of distortion hits it and, where other bands might let it overpower the song, Girls do not, In contrast “Headache” sounds like a surf version of Pulp circa “This Is Hardcore” and “Summertime” is a pop song about summertime, surprisingly. The problem with “Summertime” is in the way it carries itself, not enough drive and a little too much reverb don’t exactly ruin it, just make it feel a little awkward along side its song siblings. “Lauren Marie” allows vocals take centre stage for the majority of its 5 minute length, slowly building layers of thumping drums and waves of reverb before loosing itself finally in the last minute. As if wearing out his voice in “Lauren Marie” follow ups “Morning light” and “Curls” feature no singing at all, cleansing the palate before country “Darling” comes in to sweep up the entire album and put an end to a wonderfully eclectic collection of songs. “Darling” is pop, clean, gorgeous and sublime and leaves you with a taste of pure love in your mouth. Alright, maybe It should have been released a few months back but I’m sure we’ll all be just fine.