Review: Everything, Right Now – The Sunshine Underground

Everything, Right Now – The Sunshine Underground

Finally back after what seems to be a decade, the sunshine underground have crawled out the dark and released a long awaited new record. (Only an EP for now, but it’s enough to tie us over)
Their debut album ‘Raise the alarm’ went by pretty much unnoticed and was massively underrated in my opinion (and others including Mr Zane Lowe himself) However, a loyal fan base and the ability to put on a live show that puts even muse to shame has meant they’ve never been too far away and are back fighting with a second helping of seriously quality songs.
Their new EP which is entitled “Everything, Right now” was released earlier this week to 1,000 lucky fans and is a small appetiser for what’s to come on their second studio album entitled “Nobody’s Coming To Save You” due for release February next year.
The record opens with new single “coming to save you” and what can I say ? … ITS FUCKING GOOD!
Starting with a simple guitar riff and easily the beefiest sounding bass you’ll ever hear, the song builds and builds in classic TSU style before reaching what has to be the greatest chorus of any song in this given universe. With sweeping and whiny sustained vocals that are every pissed man’s dream to sing along to, the chorus is an explosion of drum and bass and drives forward like nothing else you’ll ever hear. Without a doubt this is one of sunshine undergrounds greatest moments.
Second song in is “Dark days” and is a polished version of an old demo that the band posted on there myspace a few months back. It’s a lot darker than what you might expect from the same band that brought you ‘Borders’. Yet at the same time, it sits perfectly in the direction this EP seems to be heading. With a hook reminiscent of an early horrors track, the song is much more stripped back and for the most part is carried  by purely bass guitar, synths and vocals. Unlike the majority of TSU songs, this one doesn’t have a distinct chorus. Instead, it pretty much relies on the single riff throughout and even the chorus is more or less the vocals joining in singing the riff “Er, er, er, er, er”  with some added organ synth. Still, considering the song is a healthy 3:45 it never gets repetitive and is captivating in its simplicity. It’s the sort of song you can imagine yourself cockily swaggering down a dark street to or Tyson’s choice of intro music.
Third song in is “Animals” and again, this is another tweaked version of an old demo.  From the start it’s clear that this is another darker song, Opening with some serious bass guitar,  occasional noise and an eerie sounding vocal. The song builds up with what has to be one of my favourite note harmonies ever before kicking in and going off into a catchy guitar riff and some tight vocals for the verse. The whole thing builds very gradually and then the breakthrough shouted chorus produces a sort of watered down “hands in the air moment” with some proper sing along vocals – “Count the pieceeees”. Definitely be a good one live (if they ever play it)
Fourth song is title track “Everything, Right Now” made recognisable by the opening screamed lyric “Everything, right now” pretty fitting I’d say. This song is a lot catchier than the previous two and is a proper dancey, feel good song, something to listen to before going out. It’s similar to Bloc party’s ‘Flux’ in the way it’s built around an arpeggiated synth that simply goes between two chords. The chorus on this is back to classic sunshine underground with catchy sing along lyrics that will be slapped into your head from the first listen. This, is a seriously good song. (surely they’ve missed a trick not putting this on the album?)
Closing the EP is song is “Standby For Nothing”. This one slows things down a bit and opens with some phantom of the opera sounding organ before kicking in with some class sounding effects on top of a drum kit that’s snare sounds like it’s been played in space. You can tell they’ve played about in the studio with this one. The songs definitely the least memorable of the lot on a first play, however, give it a proper listen and the chorus really is something. The line “All you do is take…” rolls off the music so smoothly and the whole thing becomes ‘uplifting’, it just works together. The ending of this song takes it way past anything else you’d recognise by the sunshine underground as it spaces out completely and goes off like the soundtrack to a colourful trip before it finally fades out to a close. Generally a top song which will no doubt grow on you and is a good finish to a seriously good EP.

Considering this EP is made up mostly of songs that didn’t quite made it onto the album, it does makes you wonder, “how fucking good must that album be!?” Although on the other side of it, it’s hard to know exactly how representative these songs are of what’s to come as the band have said that these didn’t really “sit” with the rest of the album tracks. So who knows what to expect. However it turns out though, based on the growth and pure brilliance shown on this record… Its gunna be massive!
– Make sure you get tickets for their tour early next year, I think I see a ‘live band of the year’ award in the pipeline.

Alex Wilson