Review: Dekata – Viral EP

Dekata – Viral EP

In the press release I received i was eagerly told to “think futuristic disco, soulful house and nu-soul mixed in” and I did. Dekata is the debut EP from producer, songwriter, sax player Sam Sharp and the producer recognised for starting the UK garage/dub-step movement and featuring vocals from Chloe Morgan on “Change My Way”, Natalie Williams on a pretty sparkling re-imagining of everyone’s favourite 90’s hit (Besides The Shamen’s “Ebenezer good” obviously..) “Secret Smile”, Yvette Riby Williams on “At Least We Can Dance” and finally Neo Josua who features in finale “Leave it”

All of this is slightly elementary, what you should know about Dekata is they have succeeded on their first EP to carve out a sound vastly different from most of the commercial dance cluttering up the airwaves at the moment. Successfully combining soul, disco, jazz and dance is quite a feat, and the confidence it’s delivered with is incredible. The vocals are on the whole a genuine treat and highlight great new talent. Opener “Change My Way” sounds a little too much like the backing track to a Mario Kart 64 level for my liking and sometimes you get the feeling they sampled elevator music but for the meager £1 they’re asking for it, its an absolute bargain for the sound of great potential.


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