Review: The Very Best – Warm Heart Of Africa

Dear Vampire Weekend,

Stop the African shtick. Its getting old and you’re completely missing the point of it. Although, if you must keep on with your African influenced pop songs then take a page or two from The Very Best. Who’s debut album is quite spectacular and it is indeed, Afro-pop. By real Africans. And no it doesn’t use the same old conventions (Like your album) it takes these so called staples and often flips them around, taking the bare bones of African pop and throwing pitch bend synths a-la “Julia” or “Mfumu” which uses 80’s power ballad keys as a layer to much greater, catchyer heights. This truly is music that is more than the sum of its parts, and what a talented bunch of people they are too. They can even make Ezra Keonig sound good on title track “Warm Heart Of Africa”.

You could really learn alot Mr Weekend. You don’t have to be tied down by what you’ve labeled your music. Mix up what people expect and then give them more than they had dreamt of. If the free (And excellent, might I add) mixtape they provided as a almost semi introduction to the band all those months back proved, and to a greater extent this album anything is that the very best truly are, The Very Best. Unlike you Vampire Weekend. You’re shit


Yours sincerely, Alec