286 ice choir

Have you ever caught yourself listening to either a) The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, b) The Depreciation Guild or c) that Moldy Peaches song he drummed on and thought, “Hey, this would be a lot better if it didn’t sound like a) The Smashing Pumpkins raised on Sarah Records bands, b) Slowdive lost in an arcade or c) the soundtrack to a kitschy mid-00s indie romcom and comprised entirely of Kurt Feldman singing softly over OMD-esque icy beats”? Then we are two of a kind, son.

Anyway, fear not, as your admittedly rather unique dreams have been answered – or at least they were on the 30th December 2010. A series of demos from The Ice Choir, Feldman’s solo project, were rather sneakily uploaded onto bandcamp on that very date and seem to have passed a great number of even diehard Feldman fans by. My brother was sick on his “IThis could be a link to violent pornography.