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Ten (or ten or TEN, depending on your attraction/aversion to capital letters) are, in their own terms an “experimental/ambient band from Leeds and London England which is led by musician Dominic Deane”. What they also happen to be, are creators of overwhelmingly beautiful music. Their third EP, East of the Elm, self released on the 9th of April is a triumph of quiet power, of expertly judged instrumentation, a well of unspoken but consistently understood emotion. It is a superb EP, cinematic and yet insular and always brutally engaging, you could do a great deal worse than falling in love with it.

Not only that, but they’ve got two other openly wonderful EP’s (the earlier clue of this EP being their third) practically begging for your ears loving and undivided attention. You can stream East of the Elm below, or purchase it here alongside their other releases.