Tonetta, Kindness, Ariel Pink, early Metronomy. There’s something ultimately intriguing about elusive bedroom artists, that other musicians who live like existence is Big Brother ”LOOK AT ME” edition, just can’t capture. Take lo-fi Talking Heads-alike beanpole, Adam Bainbridge. 2009 saw the release of Gee Up, a downbeat track bringing together off kilter harmonies, and nasally guitars, setting his bar high, whilst introducing us to the genre dubbed ”Skronk”. 2 years on, news of an album is almost none existent, and the only option to see Bainbridge live is Youtube bound. Although Pat Jordache might not be the media recluse Bainbridge is, his music and image exude the same, slightly worrying, but brilliantly wonky, oddball pop, that threads these artists together. Phantom Limb (above) skiffles and shuffles frantically, underpinning echoing, booming synth tom toms, simplistic soothing acoustic strumming, and of course, his monotone baritone croon. The combination of Jordache casually stating In the night, I still feel my Phantom Limb in his matter of fact brassy tone, whilst staring into your soul, naked in the tub, is enough to make you wonder where Tonetta fits into his bloodline exactly… The juxtaposition of Pat’s blank, solitary Buffalo Bill demeanour, and the intricately dense, noise orientated music, leave you unsteady. The two sides don’t add up, rendering the affair with an uneasy lopsidedness that’s truly captivating. Contradicting this aesthetic, the sinisterly titled Get It (I Know You’re Going To) evokes a swelling, triumphant feeling. Less convoluted than Phantom Limb, GIIKYGT relies on atmosphere and sentiment, using stripped back handclap/shaker percussion, and spaghetti western sparsity, meaning when the track reaches its muted wailing guitar crescendo, Pat’s promise that You’re going to get it seems less of a threat, and more a cathartic karmic rebalancing.
Pat was only a forgotten Mediafire account away from seeing his latest album go down a Kindness route, (the wav’s were retrieved after the originals were stolen along with his laptop.) Future Songs can be pre-ordered here through Constellations records, and I sincerely hope you do, artists like this need to be heard.