A series of short and belated reviews (Feat. Tender Trap, LCD Soundsystem, Sleigh Bells)

Tender Trap – Dansette Dansette

Amelia Fletcher’s 3rd album under the name Tender Trap, ‘Dansette Dansette’ once again decides to change sound completely by hiring an all new girl backing band she’s transformed the band into somewhat of a homage/parody to doo-wop groups (I can’t exactly tell which it is) and whilst providing and interesting backing for Fletcher (who will always be cool) you can’t help but think that other than a few choice songs the entire idea doesn’t seem as good as it did.

Good album art though.

Check out:

Do You Want A Boyfriend?

Girls With Guns


LCD Soundsystem – This is Happening

Frankly, I’m so late with this one I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you’ve already listened to it 1000 times, decided you’re far too cool for it and gone back to listening to German art house soundtracks, which you do. ALL THE TIME. So I’ll cut down on all the words and simply call it Murphey’s most accomplished, complete, vivid and rambling album to date (apparently his last under the LCD name) which simultaneously rips of David Bowie and uses the lyrics “One, the king wears a king hat and lives in a king house, two, your time will come but tonight is our night so you should give us all of your drugs, three, we have a black president and you do not, so shut up”. Needless to say, it’s brilliant.

Check out:

Everything but “Drunk Girls”, I mean, seriously. Why the fuck is that even on there?


Sleigh Bells – Treats

If you sound like nobody at all, it’s only a matter of time before everybody else starts piling in and stealing your sound. Sadly enough, that is the fate of Sleigh Bells. The bastard love child of a girl who wanted to sing pop music and a guy who wanted to play metal ends up almost entirely better than you’d imagine, bone crushing drums and ear piercing treble wrapped in toffee sweet vocals ‘Sleigh Bells’ debut is as divisive, noisy and raw as possible whilst still retaining the ability to write songs.

Check out:

Crown On The Ground

Rill Rill

A/B Machines

Infinity Guitars