The awkward first post

Hello there! You’re looking lovely today, are those new shoes? Oh man, they’re pretty damn nice. Nice job with the hair today as well! You’ve reached the first post on this particular music blog, chances are you’ve found this to be the latest post and are currently reading with great hope and a bright future or you’ve decided to travel back in time to see how a barely popular music blog began (Please god let it be barely popular, its the dream). At either rate the hope is this will be regularly updated with tracks, news and maybe even some free downloads if I’m feeling extremely generous. Just for reference other things will occasionally pop up on here such as film reviews and the like, i didn’t want to cause widespread hysteria. That wouldn’t be good at all, in fact, that would be very bad. So there we have it. An awkward first post, i hope to get know you just a little better over the next few posts and maybe we could be friends? We’re all in this boat together after all

So here’s to you! Casual reader!

P.s you do look really lovely today