Independent Album Review's

Ist – Toothpick Bridge

I’m not going to pretend I know an awful lot about this band, other than what the Wikipedia page has told me about them. So here’s what I know about this particular album is it’s their third. And right from the opening you can tell they’ve become quite assured with their own skills, with obvious influences being the vocal drawl of Nick Cave or the guitar of Johnny marr they’re all quite competent at playing their instruments and all the songs have an air of devotion around them, at no point do you feel like they have become lazy at their songs, incorporating brass sections at one song and steel guitar at the next they clearly understand how to play. The problem then, begins with the lack of stylistic cohesion; it throws itself around many different genres with little care and a lack of innovation. “Rebecca” is a straightforward indie rock track and follow up “Scots man in a church” is a kind of surf guitar/brass section oddesy with a hook from a Mario Game. It’s not a bad album, it just feels like it lacks direction, the songs are too straight forward for a world in which sticking to what you know isn’t always the best policy



The opening song is called “Eyes Of Vin Diesel”. I think, ‘nuff said


And if you fancy checking TOYKULT’s album out its streaming here for free