Young Knives – I Love My Name

Well what do we have here? A demo from Young Knives 3rd album sessions, you suggest? Well, er, yeah. In their own words this might not actually make it onto the album but it’s an interesting little something to tide yourself over with before your next fatal dose of twitchy, angular geek indie. “I Love My Name” finds the boys in funky, R’n’B form with ping ponging synth over itchy guitar’s and Henry Dartnall’s trademark (they might not be) spoken word cum awkward singing layered over the top. Here’s what he had to say about it;

“This last year we have been writing and demoing songs for a third album. Ahead of the tour dates in May we wanted to give you a taster of the new material by putting up one of the demos. The song is called ‘I Love My Name’, it’s sort of a song about how a name is one of the only things that you really have all your life, everything else about you moves and changes. Whilst writing this song we realised that it had a bit of an R’n’B vibe, so when we were demoing it we tried to enhance that sound. This is not the finished version and it may not even make it onto the album but we thought you would like to hear it. Hope you are well, keep the faith.”

I’ll try to keep the faith Henry, but it gets harder every day. More demo’s might just help though…