Look, you and I will never be as cool as Creep. You can tell that from their carefully careless hair cuts and nonchalant demeanor, they’ve got that “what, you like _____? Whatever, loser” look in their eye and there’s simply nothing we can do about it. Other than maybe enjoy their latest single in a NON IRONIC way and actively attempt to make them as unfathomably popular as possible, if only to reduce them in the eyes of the hipster masses. Oh look! One of them is even telling us to fuck off, how charming.

Anyway, let’s talk about their latest single, shall we? It’s got Romy Madley-Croft from The XX on vocals and, well,  it’s actually pretty great, despite having the ultimate fad genre label ‘Witch House’ slapped on it’s forehead it comes out of the other end looking suitably smug with itself. And here I was all ready to hate this… Damn.