Weezer show off stupidly great album art, stupidly average song

Are you tired of Weezer? Tired of their seemingly unbreakable string of weak albums in comparison to former glories? Tired of the fact that they probably should have broken up a few years ago and left us to grieve naturally rather than forcing their musical decay on us? Tired of these increasingly abstract questions?

Me too. Anyway the band are busy showcasing the fact that they have a NEW ALBUM COMING OUT called ‘Hurley’ (that’s the album art up there, featuring actor Jorge Garcia who plays a guy called Hurley on a program nobody’s ever heard of) and they also have a lead single from that particular forthcoming album called “Memories” and apparently they were going for a 60’s pop vibe. Which patently fails and continues their now long held ambition of wanting to have to most embarrassing, cliched lyrics on the face of the earth. They aren’t doing too badly so far.

TL;DR Crappy song, cool artwork.

Important side note: If this artwork is some kind of insider joke from the band and the real artwork gets revealed later, I will punch somebody in the face.