VIDEO: Youth Lagoon – July


Youth Lagoon – July

I quite liked Youth Lagoon’s debut album, “The Year of Hibernation”, I did. I even wrote about it here, remember? Back when it was little more than a few lines of code at the bottom of some words, ah, those were the days. It’s been a thermonuclear minute since then though, and I’ve been somewhat lacking in my declarations of admiration for it. So here goes; “The Year of Hibernation” is still a deeply pretty slice of minimalist pop and astonishingly, I continue to rather enjoy it (note: it’s still up for streaming on my original post). So, suck on that, people.

As the kids are likely to do, Trevor Powers and his one man music video machine Tyler T Williams have been busy beavering away making videos to go alongside the music. This one’s for “July”, which is a song that was on an album and now have a video to go alongside it. There’s nosebleeds, skinny people, televisions that are no longer made and enough instant nostalgia to last you a good few hours. Or, at the very least, until you find another fucking app to take pictures with incorrect colours and thick black frames, you horrid human being.

Check it, above.