VIDEO: Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)


Arcade Fire, ey, what can you do with them, the pervasive scamps? At first we pined for a follow up the underrated Neon Bible, we practically felated the perceived ability of those mostly Candian kids. Then we got the first sniffs of The Suburbs, and it was oh so sweet. But wait, this has been going on a good long while, hasn’t it? 5 singles, a short film, an extended edition and a good number of videos later, Arcade Fire seem pretty bloody cozy sitting atop their pile of carefully clipped 5 star reviews and Grammy’s whilst reminding everyone that, yeah, it was a good record.

So here’s another video, for the undoubted standout and “Heart of Glass” sound-alike (for you, Joe, merry Christmas) Sprawl II. It comes in both non interactive and interactive formats, both of which involve Reggie dancing around with some ribbons, except one of them involves you clumsily waving your limbs around in an attempt to perform even the simplest action. Don’t worry though, there’s no Kinect needed this time. Feel free to observe it above in the traditional way above, or if you’re feeling fresh, you can click here for some wild webcam fun.