UUUHHWAAAAAH (its free stuff): Kids and Explosions – Shit Computer

You’re going to read something in a few seconds, (or minutes/hours/days depending on how literate you are…), that’s probably going to put you off listening to Kids and Explosions (if the name hasn’t already), for the foreseeable future. Josh Raskin (thats his name when he’s not masquerading as a paedophile terrorist dontchaknow) is in the business of mash-ups. Okay lets both agree to work past this information. Because KAE’s sampling draws from only the most delectable, jittery, stuttering  snippets of songs. Think of his work as the Marks and Spencer range of plagiarised pop. Bowie over Biggie, to Eminem over GnR and Sigour Ros, whats not to like?! Basically Shit Computer sounds like your ipod got stuck on shuffle, before going faulty after you accidentally left it in your jeans before doing the laundry. In keeping with his aesthetic, you can download the album for free, in a way that’s definitely, never, ever, been done before, 100%, by one of the biggest most revered bands on the planet, honest. Meander over here, and depending on your financial/generosity situation decide what you want to pay for it. (You didn’t give anything did you? You despicable so-and-so…)