Theophilus London – Flying Overseas

The internet has been going to great lengths to have you belive that there is no rapper other than the human ego giant Kanye West, after all he has just released his snappily titled latest “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” to the masses and wide acclaim. The real question is, do you have time for something else amongst your ENDLESS FUCKING TWEETING ABOUT IT?

If the answer to the aforementioned (and slightly shouty) question was “sure, why not?”, it would appear that DJ Jazzy Jeff lookalike Theophilus London has stepped into the arena with his latest single “Flying Overseas” (written and produced by Dev Hynes, no less). A gloriously laid back long distance anthem that’s due to go largely unnoticed amongst the all encompassing music black hole known as Kanye West Fever. That’s a shame, really, because “Flying Overseas” is clinically awesome and you can download it over here for only the price of a single mouse click.

Go on, what’re you waiting for?