The XX – Insects

The xx – insects

The XX tend to divide opinion, not least between me and the other Misc.Music contributors. Some say they’re just lazy demo making hipsters (Joe) while others (Me, mostly) believe that they make some of the most remarkably different, heartfelt and intelligent pop in the world right now, what cant be denied however is the buzz surrounding them. Most bands filter out after their debut album hits the shelves and everyone realises that it wasn’t as good as it should have been (Black Kids), never the less, here comes a brand new track . A b-side from the forthcoming VCR single ‘Insects’ isn’t long, and it doesn’t sound finished. Sounding like it should fit between two other songs, linking together. It is however, still very good, indicating a closing of the expansive sound sound on their self titled debut.

Hear above now!


  • Liam

    I love the debut album but as my friend Ashlyn once said to me; “Crystalised would probably sound better remixed.”

    I for one am all for an XX remix album.