The Rural Alberta Advantage – Stamp

Well, wasn’t that fast! Just days after the news that The Rural Alberta Advantage had a brand new album coming out called ‘Departing’ (hey, look! That’s the album art above, that is) they’ve gone ahead and gifted us with not only an audio track to stoke the fires of our hearts but also the opportunity to own a copy for ourselves by using the link you can find below. The song in question is ‘Stamp’ a more spirited turn by the Advantage from Alberta, bringing a fresh new direct feeling to their work that felt was sometimes missing from their début album. Which makes sense considering they’ve spent the last 2 years touring none stop, forging their latest tracks in the red hot crucible of a indie music tour in smallish venues. It’s also nice to see that Nils Edenloff hasn’t lost his ability to startle you whenever he starts singing.

‘Departing’ will be out on the 1st of March, 2011.