The Producers Episode 4: Jamie Reynolds

Connoisseur of the psychedelic, overlord of the spiritual, conduit for the intergalactic, and generally nice guy/bass player in Klaxons Jamie Reynolds, can now officially call himself studio moocher/producer, as seen in that little rectangle of moving images above. Given the task of producing some tracks for his bestest friends band, The Cabin Fever, it shows Reynolds for the well of enthusiasm he is, seemingly more excited about the whole thing than the band themselves, (infact frontman Dan Hall just looks petrified. Seriously, look into that mans eyes. They eyes of a man whose seen too much…)

It all gets a bit Spinal Tap in places, with Jamie declaring a takes not good enough until he’s physically knocked to the ground because of it, before cutting to a shot of him flailing around over some effects pedals, like a newborn baby tripping balls. Regardless its properly interesting, so hop to it.