The Golden Filter – The Hardest Button To Button


I love The Golden Filter, there i said it. Their of 80’s disco sound was introduced to me through their stunning debut single “Solid Gold” and then equally stunning follow up “Thunderbird“, along the way they’ve done some cover songs and have somehow ended up as the jewel in the blog worlds beady little eye, no surprise. Taking the white stripes quick fire garage rock single and turning it into a sort of zombie disco number isn’t exactly an easy task. Often cover versions of songs in the wrong hands can end up as mushy semi-finished efforts, as the song opens up nothing seems much different until Penelope Trappes hushed vocals wind in, followed by hand claps snare and twinkly arepeggiated synths, building to a climax we never get to it never indulges in self loving, teasing you with its simplicity. Debut album, now. Make it happen.