The Golden Filter – Hide Me

Click here to listen to “Hide Me” (Thanks to GvB for hosting it)

Disco blog-bait The Golden Filter are rapidly making a name for themselves as purveyors of finely tuned, perfectly executed nu-disco. “Solid Gold” set the Internet on fire, “Thunderbird” caused just as much fuss and since then they’ve been selling out clubs on the back of wildly inventive remixes. It’s not been all that long since they announced their mysterious debut album and now comes new fruit. Well, old fruit but brought out of demo form for some spit shine and some sequined platform boots. “Hide me” is, like all their other singles to date, stunning. Never lapsing into laziness it combined stupidly danceable beats with clever melody combinations, painting a picture for one of 2010’s biggest debut albums.

Heading here will get you a free download too, arnt they sweet?