The Golden Filter dust off 'Excuses', bring the disco, bring the funk.

Think of a song more ill-fitting off a disco remix than The Morning Benders wall-of-sound style single ‘Excuses’ and you’ll find yourself entertaining the thought of John Cage’s 4’33 dressed in nu-disco revival drag (make it happen). Minimalist related lulz aside (of which there are a great many) this remix does sound suitably unholy on paper, the tumbling drums, swooning acoustic guitars and tender vocals get all but removed in the harsh transformation to a dance floor epic. Of course, this is the internet and paper holds few thrills for us laptop wielding future folk, no sir. It’s even got a creepy girls laugh at the end of the breakdown! You love creepy girls, right?

Good god, I love The Golden Filter.

You can hear it above. And don’t forget to dance, you cool kid.