The Futureheads – Struck Dumb

Struck Dumb

The Futureheads are back! A band with only one minor hit (A cover of Kate Bush) but alot of songs under their belt are back for one more round in the jostling wallpaper indie scene. So what’s their weapon of choice?

Go African? Nah, too much.
Go 80’s? No, we’re okay.
Ooh! Ooh! I know! I know, write a song that doesn’t sound remarkably similar to all your songs previous? Nope.

That’s right, it’s more of the same acceptable angular indie pop that failed to sell before getting them kicked off their label and forcing them to create their own label (Nul) but has kept them at the periphery of the MTV2 viewing public. Click above for a hot stream of aforementioned average and go to this link for a free download! How does that grab you?


  • Liam

    Don’t you think the singer looks like Jamie T before he was hit in the face with a spade?