The Big Pink – Sweet Dreams (Beyonce Cover)

The Big Pink – Sweet Dreams

Fuck you, BBC radio 1 live lounge. You just have to take all that’s good and holy and twist it don’t you? Twist it until its once unmarked musical soul is splattered with shit and physical disgrace. But no, in the past its yielded some tasty fruit and we cant knock it for that, but we can mock it for such unholy acts against music like Pendulum covering Coldplay which is like the worlds least imaginative man meeting a bloke in a comatose joining forces to create a film. This on the other hand, is pretty decent. You should definitely listen to it, although sadly this will be most peoples only exposure to TBP’s brand of noise, well this and “Domino’s” being used on everything from Xbox 360 adverts to clips of a car flying around the Top Gear track.

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