Spectrals – 7th Date

Given Spectrals trademark is sounding like a 50’s American diner run by The Addams Family, ‘7th Date’ is an uncharacteristic departure for the Leeds lo-fi enthusiast. Finding itself shuffling awkwardly in the same sound as ‘Girls’ lovelorn, heartbreak pop, and Elvis Costello’s more romantic moments, 7th Date is a twinkling yearning sigh of a record, and a cemented indication that Spectrals is finding new ground and maturity, whilst preserving a sense of his own unique sound. With debut LP promised a release ‘IN 2010///’ on his myspace its safe to assume Spectrals is close to well deserved success, if not critically/commercially, than definitely musically.

(Warning, video so lo-fi/underproduced, its actually filmed in sepia, is Garage Pop going Western-Chic? Please god no…)

Joe Thresh