Scissor Sisters – Invisible Light

Lets be honest its a move we all saw coming. Surrealist vintage video, heavy in stunted British fetishist sex, animal mutilation, and feminist overtones? Posing pop anthem so authentically retro it could well be a  Pet Shop Boys/New Order jam? Come on Scissor Sisters, you could have at least done something a TINY bit surprising…

Twatish sarcasm aside, this is genuinely an amazing sidestep/step forward for the usually, camp to the point of parody New Yoikers. Sounding more like Hurts than the gaggle of spandex loving popstrels who wrote ”Take Your Mama”, Invisible Light opens up possible new avenues for SS to explore, most importantly covering new ground in credible pop. More of this sort of thing next album please, and less Kylie collab’s/ repetetive songs about burning . You know the one it goes something like ”Fire, fire, fire fire, FIIIIIIIIREEEE, fire fire (fire?), with fire. Fire.” Yeah stop those.