R.I.P 1980's


Just as it’s first spontaneous appearance on the scene, 80’s electro pop’s recent, (and far too prolonged) resurgence has proved if nothing, too bright, too obnoxious, too I-want-to-punch-this-pretentious-tosspot-in-the-face-so-hard-that-even-her-sub-par-soap-mother-feels-it, cough La Roux cough. Well what with the winter firmly here, it seems the music world is de quiffing, putting away the synths and wearing so much leather that cows worldwide are feeling the effects, a lo-fi garage rock scene of hushed proportions is on the build.

Unless you’ve been too wrapped up in perfecting the robot and trying to bring back parachute pants, you will have no doubt been swept up in the buzz surrounding Girls by now. That isn’t to say they’re a buzz band by any means, their aptly named debut album…uh ”Album”… is as accomplished and striking as a band thrice (that’s right thrice) their age, refrencing everyone from Elvis Costello, to Sonic Youth in their own brand of reverb laden swoon plucked rock.

Similarly L.A’s own The Dum Dum Girls offer the same cinematic, distant reverb of Girl’s, only they seem far more likely to beat you up and leave you in a back alley than to listen to your heart ache and sorrow, channelling the visceral punk attitudes of The Ramones both in sound and looks. (Uniformed leather jackets ftw)

Duo Crocodiles have been described by one particularly disgruntled member of myspace as “fucking fraudulent hipster fashion douchebags. You’re making everything suck. You’re like rats, killing anything decent in culture with your fucking retrograde, ironic outlook on fucking everything. Stop making music. You’re killing it. Twats.” However upon listening to their roster of songs on the aforementioned website, their’s not a trace of irony to be found, instead a catalogue of legitimate shimmering, shouty, drum machine accompanied punk songs. I think the above myspace (snigger) user is of the opinion all hipsters are talentless posers, a common misconception, just look at Dev Hynes, the self appointed king of hipsters. I rest my case.

Hailing from the same scene as The Dum Dum Girls, Best Coast (I see what they did there…) take a much more sweet, innocent approach then that of DDG’s, throwing surf pop, talk of boys, wary mothers and Beach Boy harmonies into the mix, creating a band that are if anything the Sandra Dee of the scene.

So I guess its time to pack your bags 80’s. I would say safe journey, but I sincerely hope you get in a horrific motoring accident.

Joe Thresh