Neon Indian covers T-Rex, puts some chill in your wave.

Is nothing safe from the far reaching arms of the internet? Or rather, from Neon Indian man Alan Palomo who recently threw down his own vision of the T-Rex classic ‘Children Of The Revolution’, which sounds a little like the original if the record got left in a humid environment and shot glitter at for the last 20 years or so. Oddly enough, Palomo’s singing suits the track beautifully, coming off like like Bolan’s own voice if only somebody removed the aggravated sheep from his throat before he got to the mic stand. Still, it’s massively inferior to it’s source material and the electronic effects on show are nothing if not migraine inducingly bright/sort of addictive.

Excuse me a moment, I’m going to sit in a dark room.

Bonus round: It’s free! Click here!!!!111one