MORE FREE STUFF? FUCK YES. Los Campesinos! – Too Many Flesh Suppers

If you were to ask me what my top five Los Campesinos songs were (although I’m not quite sure why you’d ever ask me that…) then you could be quite sure that the Romance Is Boring session cast off and then later B-side ‘Too Many Flesh Suppers’ would appear in that list at least once, maybe even twice! It’s one of the most raw, emotional and powerful songs I’ve had the great pleasure to hear in the collection of days, weeks and months we’ve affectionately started calling 2010. Here’s what the band had to say about their sudden charity.

This track was recorded during the Romance Is Boring album sessions. It’s one of my favourite things we’ve ever recorded, but it was with a heavy heart we (rightly) decided it didn’t ‘fit’ in the album. It was later used as the B-Side to the Romance Is Boring 7″, which nobody bought.

So, we’d like for you all to hear it, if you haven’t already, here it is as a free download. We are good people.

Psst.. PSST. Hey, you. Yes you, come over here. I’ve got a SoundCloud link over here if you’re interested, free of charge? Here.. Take it. TAKE IT.