Listen to & download Sleigh Bells "Tell 'Em"

I do love Sleigh Bells, something about their combination of dance quality beats over scuzzy, over saturated guitars does something quite unholy to my body. So naturally its quite nice that they’ve releasing a EP called “Treats” (that’s the artwork above, homes) with the backing of M.I.A who’s been enthusing about them as much as physically possible recently, this just so happens to be the first track from the aforementioned EP. You might recognise it from their SXSW set which you can STILL stream right here (do so, they sound glorious) but if not you’ll have just as much fun with this version, featuring the same ear drum bursting treble as the live version but this time, and get this, IN THE STUDIO. Boom, some explosive knowledge there for you.

Download the song here, courtesy of Sleigh Bells official website