Liam 'Highlander' Mckie's Top 10 Songs of the Decade.

This idea had been in my head for a week or so now and it only seems fair that I should give it a bash after JA’s attempt. So here it goes people.

10. Tokyo Police Club – Your English Is Good

Possibly not Canada’s finest band but certainly one of the finest songs to come out of Canada this decade. Reportedly finding inspiration from Cornish mining habits from the 19th/20th Century the song finds itself travelling armed with a brilliant bass line and lyrics to match.

9. M83 – Graveyard Girl

Sadly, the only M83 song I have ever been able to find the time for. The 80s synths and chiming guitars make this song a real gem. Complete with miniature monologue by a teenage girl bordering on the morbid but beautiful none the less. I do hope they manage to top this.

8. Test Icicles – Circle. Square. Triangle.

A peculiar song title from a peculiar band. Test Icicles managed to record an album in just about the same amount of time it took to build an adoring army of fans but sadly this wasn’t enough for them going their separate ways (possibly for the better for Dev). The song that seems to take itself from the games consoles in our lives is a real stonker. This is just one of the many true greats to be picked from the album. However, despite their short lived time as a band they did create an album that paved the way for many more after them.  Enter Shikari anyone?

7.  Arcade Fire – Keep The Car Running

To me it wouldn’t seem right if this band weren’t featured on my list. Two of the greatest albums of the decade released in the space of  3 years really isn’t bad for a band who originated from obscurity. This stands out for me due to it’s running bass line, constant drums and the beautiful chirping of Win and co. A true gem in a beautiful discography.

6.  Bloc Party – The Pioneers

A realisation of life? A warning of an apocalypse? Boasting their many talents? What ever Kele and Co are doing in The Pioneers it doesn’t matter. This being one of the darker tracks from their debut demonstrates the lyrical brilliance of Kele that seems to be lacking in their efforts since. Shame really but at least this made it in to our ears.

5. Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane Remix Featuring Au Revoir Simone)

This has a posed a problem for me. Do I give FF the credit or do I heap the praise on Aeroplane for making a true masterpiece. The remix of the track not only gives it a whole new dimension it makes it even more beautiful, meaningful and heart warming than the original. My favourite remix of the year and one of my favourite tracks of past years.

4.  The Rapture – Echoes

Yes, I realise this is the soundtrack to E4’s new show Misfits but watching the opening credits did remind me how much I originally loved this track when I first heard it back in 2005 (I was a bit late on the with The Rapture). Friends of mine have commented on how Luke can’t sing but for this doesn’t matter. They are pioneers of the 00s indie-disco and this should always be remembered.

3. Be Your Own Pet – Damn, Damn Leash

Energetic, messy, destructive, violent. These were some of the words used to describe BYOP back in the day and rightly so. Their songs, particularly this example, were short, sweet and left you wondering what the fuck happened. Despite their split earlier this year I shall always remember them as the band that left me in a mess (take that how you will).

2. Belle & Sebastian – Funny Little Frog

A song that gives worth to the words stalker and rapey*. However, despite the psychotic undertones of the lyrics, the song is still one of the most beautiful to have been released this decade (possibly ever?).

1. Modest Mouse – Spitting Venom

8 minutes long you say? Roller coaster ride of a track you say? Annoyingly catchy you say? Well, I hope you’ll certainly agree with the first 2 but the 3rd statement is the one that annoys me most. In all honesty I don’t think catchy was the original intention of this track but my God it is. Sending its listener on a journey of acoustic, blistering riffs and some chorus singing that should be appreciated by the best of us. Top tune.

* Rapey – something it is rape like.