Lemonade – Pure Moods


01 Banana Republic
02 Lifted
03 Underwater Sonics
04 Remain in Jah
05 Sunsplash

Beacons of Brooklyn cool Lemonade have been bubbling under for quite some time now (in music terms that is ie 10 minutes = a career), so hopefully the release of their ”Pure Moods EP” and subsequent album will usher the trio into the spotlight (finally making all that quiff preening and mustache growing worth it…).

Just as twitchy sound-a-likes Vampire Weekend threw in some synths for their second effort, so has Lemonade, expanding their already sky scraping roster of floaty euphoric synths, flitting between a severely abstract selection of sounds, from funky missy Elliot, calypso, cutesy Toy Story boppiness and euphoric TNP on holiday. Track this EP down and buy now, if only to show Vampire Weekend how it should be done.