Jack White and Danger Mouse – ‘Rome’ tracklisting

Well well well, Mr White, look who decided to pull their finger out and do some bloody work for once. I think even you know you’ve been coasting up until this point, what with participating inĀ innumerable bands and collaborations, religiously running your own record label, and tirelessly producing your own albums as well as others. Good to know you’ve turned over a new leaf buddy, take the day off, maybe go catch some rays or something…I got this one.


‘Theme Of Rome’
‘The Rose With The Broken Neck’
‘Morning Fog (interlude)’
‘Season’s Trees’
‘Her Hollow Ways (interlude)’
‘Roman Blue’
‘Two Against One’
‘The Gambling Priest’
‘The World (interlude)’
‘The Matador Has Fallen’
‘Morning Fog’
‘Problem Queen’
‘Her Hollow Ways’
‘The World’

BONUS SENTENCE: Thanks to the invention of Soundcloud, and the work, time, effort and labour put in by Danger Mouse and everyone involved (but mostly Soundcloud…) you can listen to a hastily mashed together medley of the album here. No wait…here.