Hurts – Wonderful Life

Despite looking like a twisted mash up of Thin White Duke era Bowie and Bros, and sounding like a condensed version of the 80’s, Manchesters Hurts are achingly of the moment. For those of you unfortunate enough to have encountered the ”critically acclaimed” Heartbreak, will be more than familiar with the ”disco gone serious” aesthetic, unlike Heartbreak however, Hurts aren’t a Chris Morris-esque fabrication of the media, created to see how much tacky drivel the public would suffer (having seen Heartbreak live, I’m almost certain the lead singer was Sacha Baron Cohen post Borat…). That isn’t to say there isn’t a few fallicy’s thrown into the mix, with there links to the mythical, probably self created genre ”Disco-Lento” being even more tenious than that of anybody claiming to be influenced by ”Italo Disco”. It’s a shame then that at times they sound like a collective supergroup of Westlife, Take That and The Big Pink. With a headline place on the NME radar tour coming up, they’re sure to become the ultimate ”I shouldn’t like, but sort of like” band ever to mince the earth.