Hourglass Sea – L.A Lights

Emails are usually tiny computerised balls of disappointment, dressed up like world peace, excitement and all your dreams have finally come true. In reality though, 99% of emails are filthy liars and I don’t much appreciate the way they go about their business (What? You need me to deposit £20,000 in your account so you can flee your country before giving me back £1,000,000? OH SWEET). So it’s always to my great surprise when something good, nay, great finds its way to the screen of my laptop on a cold day such as this.

Hourglass Sea man Dean Bentley -a resident of nearby city Bradford- has just released his début single ‘L.A Lights’ and it’s a triumph of late 80’s/early 90’s nostalgia (all the way down to Mario coin pops) and modern, bass heavy dance music. If you found yourself lustfully thrusting at the sound of London based enigma and now BBC sound of 2011 poster boy Jai Paul (he was better before people the BBC thing herp derp </hipster mode>), you’re going to be a fan of the noises Hourglass Sea makes on L.A Lights*.

A note from your friendly neighbourhood music blogger: quality headphones are, and always will be, your friend.