Hercules and Love Affair – My House

Hercules & Love Affair – My House by Freeman PR
Oh god. Whatever are HALA going to do without the trembling tones/writing skills of Anthony Hagarty onboard?! How is replacing him/her with master of the brown note, whale song warble Kele going to pan out?! What…bu..who…whe…JUST STOP THE FUCK RIGHT THERE. Hercules’ brand of Coump (Camp-House, yeah Misc.Music just coined a new genre…tell your friends.) disco has never let you down before, and its not going to start now. Main man Andy Butler has progressed from the (already brilliant) ”LCD Soundsystem gone gay” schtick of old, in the above brand spanking new track from newie Blue Songs, focussing more on the 90’s house influence and¬†androgynous vocals found on his debut. Fist pump like an uber guido above broski.